My love for classic DC comics goes way back... they are essentially what inspired me to pursue the career path that I have. And probably my favorite DC title of all was the Legion of Super-Heroes. My first exposure to them was while the amazing Mike Grell was drawing them, (can you tell?), and I was soon to discover through back-issues the also-amazing work of Dave Cockrum, and how he revolutionized the title in the mid-70s. There are other eras of the Legion history that are equally enthralling in their own way, I'm certainly a huge fan of the 1980s Levitz-Giffen years, and also enjoy immensely the early silver-age years of John Forte & Curt Swan, among other artists. Not to mention the 5-Year Later era, the Legionnaires title, (so wonderfully written by Tom & Mary Bierbaum), and the mid to late 90s run helmed by the immensely talented, (and great all-around guy), Tom McCraw.

My own comics career took a bit of a different path than the traditional DC or Marvel route, (although I have done a little bit of work for both companies. A very little bit). While I did have about 5 years of drawing traditional comic books for mostly indie companies in the 1990s, I veered off into doing my own ongoing comic strip series Kyle's Bed & Breakfast pretty soon after, and that has become the central project of my comics career, (and I have no regrets about that!).

Something about the Legion would not quite let me go, though... there was always a bit of a regret I'd never had a chance to tell their stories. And around early-winter 2018, I actually began having ideas for storylines, (as I often do with lots of subjects). But this time, I started writing them down. These were not full-on comic book length stories, but more short-form, 1-page vignettes, in a more humorous format. What could technically be called a parody of the Legion. And clearly, the Legion I was writing was the 1970s Legion I had such warm memories for... the Legion where Chemical King was still alive, Tyroc had just broken the barrier, and Saturn Girl was still wearing that costume. I figured, if I could actually get 26 episodes written, maybe I would... do something with it. (Why 26 episodes? Not sure... maybe because there were 26 Legionnaires when I began reading the book).

Anyway, somewhat surprisingly, I had 26 episodes written in about a week. And they kept coming. So, I assumed maybe I should draw one or two up, and see what it looked like. Flash forward to Valentine's Day, 2018, and I posted the first episode on Facebook and on my own website and the reaction was pretty wonderful. I have continued drawing a new episode every couple of months, and writing them regularly enough that I've got quite a backlog of episodes to draw if I ever get the time! As always, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast takes top priority in my comics work, but I'm trying to make time to fit in more Work This Flight Ring episodes, as people really seem to like these. (Oh, and if DC Comics ever wants to do a full book of these? Yeah, I'd be interested... and yeah, I'll make the time!).

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In case you're interested, below is my bio pasted from the Kyle's
B&B website. There's also  a couple of video interviews with me,
and, additionally, you'll get to see me in my Scottish outfit from
 the Highland Games!:

Greg Fox began making comics at 12 years old, publishing his first strip in his high school newspaper at age 14 and continuing to illustrate and write comic strips through high school and college. He received a B.A. from Geneseo College in upstate New York. Immediately following college, he played guitar in several New York-based rock bands, but then jumped into doing comics full-force. His illustration work has appeared in comic books for such companies as Revolutionary Comics, Triumphant Comics, Marvel Comics, IDW & DC Comics. He is also the writer/artist for such comic strips as "Manic Music", (based on his experience in the rock music world), and "An Angel's Story". Fox's most notable comic strip, "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast", premiered in late 1998. The strip is currently running in a variety of publications across North America, as well as on the web. The first book collection of Kyle's B&B was published in September, 2004. The book was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for "Best Humor Book" of the year in 2005.  He was the grand-prize winner of  the "Life Without Fair Courts" cartoon contest in 2007, sponsored by Lambda Legal. Four additional Kyle's B&B collections have since been published, ("A Second Bowl of Serial", "Hot Off the Griddle", "Without Reservations", and the latest, in July, 2018, "Inn Mates"), as well as a book of figure drawings, ("Kyle's B&B Presents: Drawings of Drew").  In 2017, Fox contributed a Kyle's B&B story to the #1 New York Times bestselling graphic anthology "Love is Love", published by DC Comics-IDW.
Fox also writes & draws the comic strip "Work That Flight Ring", self-described as a valentine/tribute/parody to the Legion of Super-Heroes, a beloved comic book series of his from way back when! Fox is currently busily producing new episodes of Kyle's B&B, and working on several other projects for Sugar Maple Press. (Additionally, he is the author of "The Figure Skating Competition Handbook" and editor of  "The Sugar Maple Press Anthology of Nature Poems"). He also does commissioned artwork for fans on a selective basis, (see e-mail address below to contact him). He enjoys going to Scottish Highland Games Festivals when he can, and has a love for Celtic style, Vermont, and figure skating competition. Fox currently resides in Northport, Long Island, New York. He can be contacted at the following e-mail address:
VIDEO : Watch an interview with Greg Fox on YouTube from December, 2015, (Just click on the pic below):

Watch an interview with Greg Fox on YouTube from Summer, 2012, (Just click on the pic below): Thumbnail

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