Here's an assortment of Legionnaire drawings I've been doing over the past few
months. Some are in pencil/black & white... others are inked & in full-color.
Enjoy, and check back regularly, as I'm adding new ones all the time!


Unknown said...

Wow -- so many new pin-ups at the same time. What a nice surprise!

Light Lass is, of course, amazing. But the tech she's levitating is the best. Such an old school comics gadget.

Thanks for your cartoons, Greg!

-- Thom H.

Anonymous said...

What about some Legion Villains? Specially I would love seeing Grimbor, although others villains as Universo or Lightning Lord could also be great.

Anonymous said...

These 70's Era suit designs are some of my favorites. I was actually alive when the comics came out. Dave Cockrum was amazing. Thanks

Nightwingcowboy said...

Why no drawing of Chemical King? He and Timber Wolf are two of my favorite Legion characters. Especially the story where they helped out when Colossal Boy turned traitor and were then accepted into the Legion. Condo, Condo, Condo.. and Brin!