Below are links to each of the Work That Flight Ring episodes,
in the order of which they were first posted.

 Episode #1 - February 14th, 2018

Episode #2 - March 20th, 2018

Episode #3 - May 30th, 2018

Episode #4 - August 8th, 2018

Episode # 5 - November 15th, 2018

Episode # 6 - Valentine's Day - February 14th, 2019


Anonymous said...

Let's see if this takes this time... Thanks for your Legion work. It's a perfect behind the scenes. Could you do a date with Invisible Kid and Chemical King?

Unknown said...

Have you ever done something about the Legion of Substitute Heroes ?

Greg Fox said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you for the compliments! As to your question, an interesting possibility, however, in the time-frame I'm writing these it is after Invisible Kid's death, (but, obviously, before CK's death). However, I think there may be a bit of a spark between E-Lad and CK. Stay tuned!

Greg Fox said...

@ Unknown: I have not yet tackled the Subs, but I do hope to in the future! I love them.

MauDia said...

I miss new Episodes. From time to time I visit the page and read all episodes at the end. Love your work.

69cecillyoung73 said...

Greg, Don't feel constrained by LSH 'canon' but do respect the heroes characterizations. Use / invoke time travel for Power Boy and Gravity Kid visit Invisible Kid and Chemical King to pay their respects. or something?!

Cecil6973 said...

Hmm maybe have some of the Subs have a LBGT+ relationship with someone/anyone in the Legion proper?