Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Work That Flight Ring" - Episode # 5 - November 15th, 2018

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Unknown said...

I loved all these strips!
Beautiful work!

Paul R said...

Hahaha. love it!

Greg Fox said...

Thank you, guys! I appreciate the kind words!

Rick Diehl said...

Today was my birthday, and this was easily the best present I got today. In these short strips you’ve written some of the most wonderful Legion stories ever. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Those 70s costumes are horrible and wonderful at the same time. Mike Grell has a lot to answer for.

Also, I'm really impressed by the subtle shift in Cosmic Boy's hair from the 60s model to the 70s one. It gives off a totally different vibe.

You should seriously have a one-page gag strip at the back of whatever new Legion series DC publishes.

-- Thom H.

Guy S. said...

Just stumbled on to this... LOVE it. So funny! Nice job.

Unknown said...

I love the strips of the Legion. "good job"

jimboylan2 said...

If their future selves are able to travel back to meet them, that could mean the present selves did survive the preset troubles without losing their lives and freedom.