Thursday, September 5, 2019

Episode # 8 - September 5th, 2019

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ajmiz827 said...

As a long-time Classic Legion fan, I LOVE this strip! I wish you would do it at least as often as "Kyle's Bed and Breakfast".

As much as I anticipate the new Legion book Brian Bendis is doing for DC Comics, I dread what little I've seen of the artwork. I wish he would have left the original characters alone instead of altering them for the sake of diversity.

Thom H. said...

Love your Legion homage, as always. Thanks for the new installment!

I'm very excited for the new Legion book. I know you're more of a classic Legion fan yourself, Greg, but any thoughts on the new character/costume designs? I love how the club actually looks like a group of aliens this time.

-- Thom H.

Greg Fox said...

Thom, I'm very excited for the new book, also! I like the previews I've seen so far, and yes... while I am obviously a huge fan of various "historic" phases of the Legion, I always enjoy seeing new takes on the group. This one looks like it could be great!

Mark said...

I love this take on telepathy! I always found it rather lazy that most writers portray it as being able to pull exactly what you want from a person's mind. It makes so much more sense to me that a run-of-the mill telepath would only be able to pick up surface thoughts, while a more powerful one like Professor X could basically treat your brain like a card catalogue and get exactly what volume they were looking for. I like the idea that different minds present a different challenge for a telepath as skilled as Saturn Girl. And I loved seeing Legionnaires going undercover, too (not to mention shedding their disguises!). Thanks, Greg!